Armaghan Sadre Shargh Co. (Imp. & Exp.), which is the Sole Agent of MARPA Co. in Iran, has been registered in Tehran-Iran in 2000; and has been active in business with well-known companies of the world from that time.

Marpa Co. is a professional car care manufacturer which produces all its products under the license of USA. The company established a relatively complete marketing network covering more than 20 countries with stores, franchisers and agencies. These countries and regions are America, Russia, Ukraine, Finland, India, Portugal, Malaysia, Philippine, Peru, Australia, Germany, England, Yemen, Iran, Syria. Currently employing more than 1,000 personnel, MARPA Co. strives to achieve an annual output of around 500 containers, for the annual sales exceeding USD 20,000,000.

MARPA supplies more than 100 products, which are generally divided into five categories for refrigerants, paint, cleansers, silicone, wax and additives. MARPA Refrigerants covers such types as R22, R12, R134a, R134a / DOT, R134a substitute, 401A, 409A, 502, 406A, 507C, 407C, 410A, 402B, 404A, 408A, 404A, 408A, and 406A.
MARPA waxes include metallic wax, white wax, black wax, super hard wax, rubbing wax, gloss wax, waterproof wax, paste wax, crystal wax, color shining wax, crystal wax, hard wax, soft wax, super soft wax, soft wax, car polishing wax and car cleaning wax.
MARPA paint products include such sprays as paint, metallic aerosol paint, super metallic aerosol paint, chrome effect aerosol paint, fluorescent aerosol paint, heat resistant aerosol paint, and gilding aerosol paint.
MARPA cleansers include carburetor cleansers, brake cleansers, tire foam cleansers, multipurpose cleansers, pitch cleansers, and engine surface degreasers,... .
MARPA Additive series include various products categorized into engine additives, cooling system additives, and Ignition system additives.