Instant Starting Fluid

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MARPA® Instant Starting Fluid (M-2601-1)

  • Easily used for a quick start
  • Useable in gasoline and diesel engines of trucks, tractors, buses, lawn mowers, construction machines
  • Saves battery and ignition in cold and wet weather by - 40°C
  • Effectively reduces the burning point without damaging the engine


1) First, make sure the vehicle ignition is closed. Never use MARPA Instant Starting Fluid when the ignition is in “on” position!

2) Remove the air filter of the vehicle.

3) Put the red pipe, along with the can of MARPA Instant Starting Fluid, on the pump head of its sprayer and tighten it in place.

4) Shake up the can and spray the content of MARPA Instant Starting Fluid into the vehicle's air filter for 2-3 seconds.

5) Try to spray the container vertically and hold its head straight up to aim at air inlet to inject without spilling.

6) Avoid any contact between the can of MARPA Instant Starting Fluid and the battery terminals, solenoid, or other electrical electronic components. Carburetor can back fire!

7) Be careful the MARPA Spray material does not come into contact with your body or clothing; they are likely to catch fire!

8) Avoid overuse of MARPA Instant Starting Fluid!

9) Turn off flames and sparks, and do not start the engine or switch on the heater stoves, heaters, electrical motors and other sources of ignition during use until all vapors of flammable materials of MARPA Instant Starting Fluid is completely disappeared!

10) Now start engine in normal manner; if unsuccessful, repeat step 2 to 10 with caution.

11) In case the engine fails to start, ignition should be checked by a qualified professional.


  • Use MARPA Instant Starting Fluid in an environment with good ventilation!
  • Never smoke while using MARPA Instant Starting Fluid!
  • This spray contains pressurized flammable material; keep it in a cool and dry place (with a temperature lower than 35 ° C), with adequate ventilation, away from heat, flame, and direct sun light!
  • Do not put the can of MARPA Instant Starting Fluid near the front or back windshields; and keep it away from hot air outlet of the car!
  • MARPA Instant Starting Fluid tin can is recycled after it is completely used up!
  • Do not puncture, bend or incinerate the container of MARPA Instant Starting Fluid, even after it is fully sprayed!
  • Avoid breathing vapors, since it may cause drowsiness in confined areas. Breathing high vapor concentrations can be harmful or fatal. If inhaled, move to fresh air!
  • Do not keep the container inside the car or living areas! Vapors of Starting Fluid can collect in low lying areas.
  • Avoid contact with eyes! For eye contact, flush with water for 15 minutes.
  • If swallowed, do not induce vomiting. Call a physician immediately!
  • If skin contact made, wash with soap and water. If irritation develops or persists, consult a physician!
  • Keep MARPA Instant Starting Fluid out of reach of children and animals!



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