Motor Flush

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MARPA® Motor Flush (M777)

  • Cleans sediments and contaminants of the interior body of engine in five minutes
  • Removes adhesion of engine components such as valves, and piston rings
  • Prevents sediment accumulation in the interior body of engine
  • Facilitates the operation of MARPA Engine Oil Treatment in helping to extend the car engine life


1) Before replacing a car motor oil, add MARPA Motor Flush into the oil tank; and let your vehicle to work for five minutes.

2) Turn off the engine and drain the motor oil. The polluted sediments leave the tank along with the engine oil.

3) Then, replace the oil filter of the car, and add new engine oil to the tank.

4) It is recommended prior to use MARPA Motor Flush prior to use any other engine additives.



  • Store MARPA Motor Flush away from heat, flame and direct sunlight!
  • The substance is harmful or fatal if swallowed. If swallowed, induce vomiting quickly and see a doctor immediately!
  • If the product contacts the eyes, flush them with clean water and see a doctor immediately!
  • In case MARPA Motor Flush contacts with hands, wash them with soap and water!
  • In case MARPA Motor Flush contacts fibers of cloth, wash it with detergents and water!
  • Keep MARPA Motor Flush out of reach of children and animals!


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