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MARPA® Antifreeze (MA11305) (MA11306) (MA11307)

  • Resists water frosting, boiling, and rust
  • Good chemical durability to 25 - ° C
  • Widely useable in automobiles, tractors and other motor vehicles
  • In appropriate packaging with various capacities (one liter, two liter, and four-liter)


1) For better effect, clean the water tank of the vehicle with MARPA Radiator Flush.

2) Add MARPA anti-freeze to the water tank in proportion to the minimum living temperature.


  • Take care of hot gas coming out of the water tank while opening the tank and adding water to it.
  • If MARPA Anti-freeze splashed to eyes accidently, wash them immediately with water.
  • Deposit it in shade place.
  • Non-potable! This substance is harmful and fatal if ingested. If swallowed, induce vomiting and seek medical attention!
  • In case of contact with hands, wash them with soap and water!
  • Keep MARPA Anti-freeze out of reach of children and animals!
  • In case of contact with fiber cloth, wash it with water and detergents.
  • Do not place bottles of MARPA Anti-freeze against direct sunlight!


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