Cooling System Leak Stopper

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MARPA® Cooling System Leak Stopper (M802)

  • Treats the cracks which are inside the cylinder, and small holes in the radiator and water pump
  • Stops leakage from engine and cooling system cylinder, including the main radiator, radiator of the heater, water cylinder, water pump, and….
  • Miscible with various coolants and antifreeze
  • Without a need to drain and clean the radiator, except when it is heavily rusted or contaminated
  • Applicable for the water cooling systems of the gasoline and diesel engine cars, trucks, and tractors
  • With Anti-rust and anti-corrosion materials which do not damage the metal body, rubber gaskets, hoses, or other parts of the cooling system
  • Increases the life of engine and its components due to its natural plant fibers, high performance firming agents, anti-foam agents


1) For the best effect, clean the water tank before using MARPA Cooling System Leak Stopper. To clean the cooling system, you can use MARPA Cooling System Flush (M800) according to its directions.

2) Shake the bottle of MARPA Cooling System Leak Stopper before use. This helps the contents of the bottle become quite uniform.

3) Run the engine. Wait for the engine to reach to a high temperature (90-85 ° C), and be sure the thermostat is opened to circulate water.

4) Add a bottle of MARPA Cooling System Leak Stopper along with 5-15 liters of water to the water tank. A mixture of water and antifreeze can be used too. MARPA Cooling System Leak Stopper will start to affect five minutes after it is added.

5) Keep the engine running at least for one hour

6) Do not change the radiator water for at least a week.


  • Use the entire content of MARPA Cooling System Leak Stopper bottle once!
  • If leaking place is located in the upper radiator or its door, the performance of the material may not be as expected!
  • If contact made with your cloth, wash with water and detergents!
  • Not edible! If swallowed, immediately induce vomiting and call a physician!
  • In case of contact with eyes, immediately rinse them with clean water and seek medical attention!
  • If contact made with hands, wash them with soap and water!
  • Keep it out of reach of children and animals!


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