Fuel Injector Cleaner (for Tune up)

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MARPA® Fuel Injector Cleaner (for Tune-up) (M-4440) (M-4439) (M-4438)

  • Washes petrol tank and all fuel pathways
  • Puts an end to poor performance of motor by dissolving gum, oil and carbon deposits from injectors
  • Drains water from the fuel tank effectively
  • Increases the power and acceleration of the vehicle
  • Saves fuel effectively
  • Reduces air pollution caused by the incomplete burning of gasoline
  • Can be used with other additives in gasoline tank
  • In appropriate packaging with various capacities (one liter, two liter, and four-liter)


1) For best result, as 1/4 fuel left, add this product directly into fuel tank, and then fill up with fresh fuel.

2) One bottle of MARPA Fuel Injector Cleaner (250ml) can treat fuel tanks with the capacity of 50-60 liters of petrol;

3) Add one bottle of MARPA Fuel Injector Cleaner to the petrol tank every 3000miles/5000km.


  • MARPA Fuel Injector Cleaner contains flammable material; keep it in a cool and dry place (with a temperature lower than 45 ° C), with adequate ventilation, away from heat, flame, and direct sun light!
  • Do not put the bottle of MARPA Fuel Injector Cleaner near the front or back windshields; and keep it away from hot air outlet of the car!
  • MARPA Fuel Injector Cleaner bottle is recycled after it is completely used up!
  • Avoid contact with eyes. For eye contact, flush with clean water and seek medical advice!
  • The substance is harmful or fatal if swallowed. If swallowed, immediately induce vomiting and call a physician!
  • Contact of MARPA Fuel Injector Cleaner material with skin causes dryness. If contact made with hands, wash them with soap and water!
  • If contact made with your cloth, wash with water and detergents!
  • Keep MARPA Fuel Injector Cleaner out of reach of children and animals!


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